commission status: open
feel free to DM me on either twitter, discord, or furaffinity if you are interested in a commission !

shaded fullbody

shaded bust

telegram stickers
8$ each base price

character reference sheet / custom character design
$100 base price
comes with two views (front, back, outfit, etc) and a headshot ! feel free to ask for quotes for any additional information :)


by commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms of service on this page.
i may turn down your commission if i dont feel confident ill be able to do your request well. i will also turn down any commission that makes me uncomfortable.2. ORDERING AND PAYMENT
• you may DM me on either
twitter (@Charingo_)
discord (Charingo#2763)
or furaffinity (@Charingo)
• when inquiring about commissions, please provide a reference image of your character(s) and the type of commission you are interested in, as well as any additional information or specifications I might need to know about. if you have a specific pose or idea youd like me to draw, i would be happy to do so as well !• I currently accept payment through PayPal.3. WORK PROCESS
• i will usually send a wip of sketches before lining, and lines before coloring.
• i am always happy to make edits and corrections ! please let me know if i need to fix anything.• i like to post finished commissions to my twitter. if youd prefer your commission to be private, or not posted for any reason, let me know !4. COPYRIGHT
• commissions are for the purchasers use only, unless otherwise stated.
• you may not repost my art anywhere without permission. commissioners are allowed to use art they have purchased however they want, so long as credit is provided.• do not alter my work in any way without permission.• adopts purchased from me can be freely traded, resold (for the same price purchased, unless youve purchased additional art which you can add on) or gifted.